Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Shop is on Vacation, but the blog, not so much!

Happy Holidays! Due to the impending rush of the Holidays, the shop is on vacation.* The blog, hopefully not so much.

*(Although, to be honest, another reason for the vacation is in the last two days we've had one shaky thing happen and one of our two cars was diagnosed with a "you should buy a new car instead of repairing this" issue, requiring us to sit down, basically take the car off the road except when it HAS to be taken out, and adapt to the idea of one car. If you can't tell, this has been on our minds for the last 48 hours. Also, by we, I mean, my guy and I.)

Anyway, do check out LibraryElfDesigns on Pinterest. I find this tool way helpful and a full post will come up soon as well as maybe a few more book reviews and some images (sort of?) of what I gave out this year for Christmas.

Despite everything, this Library Elf has things to be thankful for like purring kitties. Happy Holidays if I don't post again before the weekend!

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