Monday, August 5, 2013


I've been baking off and on the last few weeks. My favorite thing to bake right now is this chocolate-y g-free cake that has a main base of potato starch. It's from the book You Won't Believe It's Gluten Free. A fantastic book by the way for those on the g-free diet. Most recipes are made 4 different ways so, if you have a corn issue, you can try with potato or rice based instead or if you have too much rice in your diet, you can try another base.

Anyway. I've been eying this lovely thing for a few days now from Fresh Hot Vintage. Then I did what any person would do: searched Etsy for a variety of covered cake plates and favorited them. (Yes, I have a thing about roosters.) Now why do I want one?

I want to try a two layered cake soon, but need a way to store it. So, I put it out there over the weekend that I wanted to find one at the thrift store and I'd follow through by going today. I also put out there that I also really want a vintage cake decorating set. I didn't find that because I put the request out there this morning (probably need 24 hours for that to follow through but it is a long shot since the last one I saw at the thrift store was in the silent auction section. Cookie presses you can find dozens of, but cake decorators? HA. I've been lazily looking.).

I did find this though:
Just the top, first. How frustrating.
First, I found the top, then I spent another 10-15 minutes wandering to see if I could find a suitable bottom. Sure. I could just put my cake on a dinner plate and cover, but what if I want to travel with this thing?

Eventually, I found this guy:
 And together, it works pretty well. The cover part doesn't fit perfectly, but enough to stay on.
Yes, I have a K'Nex Light Box...
And the grand total of this purchase: $5.25.
Oh wait. I have a coupon for 25% off.
About $3.80 when all said and done. I also took my own bag.


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