Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gardening - June 3

Totally as a whim, I asked The Philosopher Musician to pick up dirt for me on his way back from his errands. "The cheap stuff. It's in the back. Last time, there wasn't a price, but the bags were like $3 total." He did, which is very nice of him.

I wasn't planning to do anything regarding the garden today, but I'm antsy. I want to sew, but currently am working through "this is a good idea! Not really" thing so the sewing area is kind of a mess. 
Just looked at it. Not really, but there are some things that I guess are holding me up, like trying to cut all my scraps up into particular sized squares. The idea is from Cut the Scraps! book (link to official website and such). I'm like "I WANT IT ALL CUT NOW" but it is not going to happen. Especially when I have a trash bag of scraps that I got from family that I couldn't fathom going into the landfill. Either way, I wanted to sew, but skipped it in favor of...

Carrots. Well, gardening, but starting carrots has been on my mind. I broke into the fridge and took a look at the seeds there (these are all seeds my mom and I had collected through the years). I took out a few various packets of stuff to try. Apparently, now is a good time to sow stuff directly outside (or I've determined. It could be late for all I know). I did read the backs and determined a few choices.

This is gardening by totally winging it. I am too busy reading other books at the moment to take proper time to read gardening books. I'm impatient and I like trying things out, like a science experiment.

Well, a problem happened when I dumped the whole bag of dirt (they're not exactly large bags) into the container I was planning for the carrots. Oh...boy...I had one bag left. I'd have to chose carefully what was next. I filled the two smaller pots and started planting.

Here's what I planted: Carrots (about 8); Sugar Snap Peas (trying 4 seeds, will thin out later as package is from like 2003 or 2006); cucumbers (2, but I had luck with these actually sprouting last time). Gave them a little water and here they are:

I salvaged the pots, so they aren't the best or pretty,but they are fine by me. They were left over from landscaping Dad had done. Pots were just left there so I took a bunch. The bottom is full of the cardboard papery egg cartons, which seems perfect to line the bottom with.

Now, let's hope this works. We'll see in either a few days or a week. All this depends on weather and luck.

Lessons Learned:
  • That green pot takes like, a bag + half of dirt.