Monday, June 18, 2012

Gardening - June 18

All right, here's the garden update: everything that I planted two weeks ago sprouted except about half of the carrots. Also, last Monday, we wound up at The Farm and I just HAD to buy tomato plants. I got Cherry Tomatoes (two to the pot) and "The Farm's Tomato" (whatever that means). They turned out to be $1 each or so which was fantastic. I feel like we bought something else besides the weekly flower and a bunch of veggies that were good. Strawberry season was such a disappointment and way too fast again. I could have bought a strawberry plant, but didn't see the point

Here's a photo from last week:
 The tomato plants are in the left hand corner in the bottom there, but that was last week.

Here are a few shots from today:
Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Sugar Snap Pea (transplanted today), Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Top Row: Eggplant, Sugar Snap Pea x3, Cucumber x2, Zucchini, Eggplant.  Row 2: Cherry tomato, carrots, "Farm" Tomato
 In the corner of the above photo you can see Mortgage Lifters x3.
Zucchini flower the first successful one! I think...I hope! It was lovely this morning.

Mortgage Lifter being protected by an old sauce jar.

Cherry Tomato flowers.

There's about 4 carrot sprouts, I think.
Sometime during the week I broke the Mortgage Lifter Sprouts free and planted them. Being the person I am, I completely didn't think about the terrarium factor for them, so within hours, I had a few wilting. I was able to cover about 4 of the 5 that had made it. The one not covered is fighting bravely. There is one I think won't make it that is covered  and the others look pretty strong. The Brandywine Tomatoes never sprouted and it being the end of June, I don't think I'm going to try again. Now it is time to focus on making these guys survive to give me some actual food! Although, I'm running out of pots and sick of buying dirt which is another reason. The Snap Peas need to be split more (3 to a pot is probably not good) and the cucumbers need split too.

Our (I'm getting The Philosopher Musician involved) next project is to successfully pull off making compost, but that's for another post.

Lessons Learned:
  • Plants need watered
  • Tomato babies need protection until they get some larger leaves.

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  1. I bet that zucchini plant is going to take off. When we grew them during my childhood, my mom used to have nightmares that the zucchini took over our house!