Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Pinterest Pledge - Intriguing

I haven't spent any time looking at the issue of Pinterest and copyright. It both annoys me and makes me think about copyright so I just kind of go about my business, making sure that what I pin is properly credited and such. I don't pin a lot unless it is done by me.

At least, mostly. I get into the app sometimes and just go "OH! LIKE! PIN!" a few times and that's that.

As I was browsing my blogs though, I saw this Pinterest Pledge from Sew, Mama, Sew. I "pinned" it and have promptly spent an hour cleaning up some of my sewing pins. It is a bit much to go through all my pins. Some did disappear due to lack of proper credit. Most I saved by spending time finding the right place to credit and changing the Pinned Link to reflect that. I'm hoping that I can poke at this and fulfill this pledge.

It is an interesting thing though. I also found another craft blog had a similar mention about Pinterest in that she cleaned hers up and made it easier to search (I wish I could remember which blog it was). In terms of the discussion surrounding Pinterest, I find it interesting how libraries are jumping on the bandwagon, but not seeming to discuss the copyright issues. But again, I've been ignoring the Library Pinterest discussion in favor of what things I can actually pin. It will be the crafting community, I think, that will change the direction of things so to say.

So in the meantime, I'll pin what I pin, but make sure I cite it and either have it close to the source, or from a secondary, trusted source (i.e. through I'm also trying to make sure that the site either has the pin button or is just properly credited. Sew, Mama, Sew has the best pins. You pin it and ta-da! Title, blog post, blog series, blog name are all there. It is really handy!

Feel free to enlighten me. I just wanted to share the pledge as I think it applies somehow....I think...but then my head is still clogged...

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