Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Items in the Shop (Dec. 1)!

The last few days I've added a bunch of new stuff to the shop. Check it out! New items include:
  • Book Page Gift Bags (photos will take you to the listing)
  • Gift hang Tags


  •  Denim Bags

If I'm lucky and this weekend proves productive, there will be new stuff added to the shop next week! I'm a bit busy with work things, health things (yeah, that again), and trying to keep the home clean. Not to mention a wedding present, our XBox 360 Star Wars Limited Edition came in last weekend. I've been a bit distracted at beating Portal 2. Overall, I love Portal 2. It will probably be one of the five or so games I actually finish. Not to mention, I want to get some baking out of the way! It is the Holiday season after all! I should be keeping home warm with lots and lots of cookies being baked. This weekend, I'm aiming to try out a sugar cookie recipe so I can test out some cookie cutters we got as wedding presents.

Did I mention I got married about a month ago? Details on what was made for our wedding will be coming up...eventually. Look for those posts.

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