Monday, March 17, 2014

Here and now...

I have reasons for not posting! (I always do.) Mostly, I'm easily distracted and my moods change. The shop hasn't been really changing. It has been going strong and 2013 was a GREAT year, so thank you! I enjoyed repeat customers, international customers, and the ability to unload some of the patterns I've accumulated. I personally think having 130 patterns is way too much.

Thank you.

In a nutshell:
  • We're adjusting to a new cat (still). We lost one and adopted another this summer. Orange Cat 2 is more like a toddler than a cat. Yes, we're spending lots of time studying Jackson Galaxy. His tricks work but some are harder (i.e. ignore him). He might be part Ocicat too...he's kinda spotted and his temperament fits.
  • I've been doing a lot, and I mean a lot, of soul searching. I am almost always soul searching, but it just seems 2014 is the year I get a handle on things. There have been ups and downs, but the opportunities that have come from this are fantastic. Plus, I've been able to see things clearly and am adapting as needed.
  • Oh yeah, and there was Summer Reading July into August, not to mention the come down from that and then Fall is just always crazy.
So where am I now?
  • I'm trying to garden again. I've got the take-out containers set with seeds: Brandywine Tomatoes (which can be container gardened), broccoli, and lettuce. I've got herbs from last year I'm hoping didn't freeze to death in this weather (pretty sure the chocolate mint will come back. That one lasted way into December without being watered. It was in a little green house we have). So far, I'm worried they aren't getting warm enough. I am trying a different window because of the cat. If nothing sprouts by March 20, then I will find a way to keep them in the other window (the tomatoes & lettuce seeds worked last year so I know they aren't bad).
  • I've got at least one denim bag cut for the shop. If all goes well, I'll have another cut tonight. Sewing happens when I have time.
  • I have more book page bags for the shop. Just have some final details to work on.
  • I'm getting involved in outside stuff more. First, I'm involved in PaLA and second, I'm on the PR committee for another group. Look for a post on the professional side about being involved in your community. I feel this is very important and after my meeting this week, I'm in love with the community I serve and am honored to be part of it (they started a library, fought for their school, stated an orchestra, created a great town to do stuff in, and are working toward a food co-op, what isn't there to like?).
  • I've been working toward a cleaning schedule. I'm please with the results and this week is the first time we've planned two weeks worth of meals! 
Lessons learned:
  • That saying about "If you put your mind to it..." Yeah. That.

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