Monday, March 17, 2014

Project: Cat Harness

I have this crazy notion that I want to walk my cat. Lately, the main reason has been Orange Cat 2 has SO MUCH energy, I think he'd enjoy it. I also want to take a walk with a pet and we aren't getting a dog any time soon (Mom's dog and I loved walks when I'd finally get to it). The issue was, we had this old harness and he hated it. Absolutely hated it.

I poked around. I found cat harnesses on Jackson Galaxy's store that said "Cats love it." Awesome.

But not at that price. I love my cat, but we've all ready spent so much trying to find what type of cat scratcher he'd like (cardboard=no, twine/rope=no, carpet like our floor=good, except he only likes the basic pole variety), what types of toys he likes (a particular type of ball, that rattles...anything with noise), to cover the toys he's apparently lost (5-10 balls so far and I've looked), and trying to figure out what food works with his stomach (one is great for Gray Cat, not so much for him). Oh, and vet trips are coming up.

I really didn't want to spend more money only to find out he'd snub it or it didn't fit.

Enter the Internet and a search for "DIY Cat Harness" or some variation. I found this post from SoSewLovely about a cat harness she made for her cats. She includes a pattern and instructions. It looks like the harness above (which I did love and want), but I can customize it.

I printed it out, went to the fabric stash and spent time looking for the right fabric to match Orange Cat 2.

I made the pattern up a month or so ago, but didn't have D-rings so it was just a harness, minus the ability to put a leash on it. This week, I picked some up and finished it. This was a fairly easy pattern to follow. When I do it again, I will print it smaller for Gray Cat (who seems "ok" with his when I tested it out on her, but she obviously needs a smaller harness and a color that matches her), and try to work the ribbon differently. I wanted to sew it on so it didn't fray. Overall though, I think it turned out great and Orange Cat 2 definitely doesn't mind it (most of the time)! Going out to explore though is a totally different experience for him.
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