Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Achievement Unlocked: Knitting Dish Cloths

A while back, like a year or so ago, I decided it was high time I learned to knit. I grabbed the needles I inherited and dove in, head first, as usual. I looked up videos on YouTube and struggled and struggled....and struggled.

Last summer, I had a great opportunity to visit my mentor and help her out. In return, she showed me how she knits and it literally opened the door for knitting. Seriously. Without her, I probably would have given up. I had a great start, but I did not like it.

Before, knitting felt clunky and I thought it should feel smooth like crochet, no matter the skill level.

After, I was whipping up my first dish cloth.

Continental Knitting made sense. I scoured YouTube. I watched the video my mentor sent me. I got it. I totally got it. It was similar to crochet and I made a dish cloth. Pictured here is dish cloth number 2. Dish cloths are easy to do and a chance to explore stitches. I do the same with crochet...if I'm not crocheting in the round (which I love!).

Lessons Learned:
  • More like Achievement Unlocked! I can knit! I like knitting! It's easy and makes sense.
  • Mentors are cool people. Even if I'm not in touch as much as I want to be/should be.
  • My craft skills include: sewing, crocheting, knitting.
  • After I get the first step, I can teach myself stuff!
  • Knit dish cloths are actually a lot nicer than the crochet ones I've done...which is a bummer and awesome...

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