Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project: Tank Top Totes

Somehow I've become known as the "person who will take your clothing" among family and friends. Part of this is that I can wear some of the clothing. Part of this is that they know that I turn jeans into bags. Another part is simply that I sew. Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes it's not.

I recently came into possession of a bag of clothing from a family member. As I sorted some of the nicer stuff, the stuff I wanted to refashion, and stuff I could wear, I came across two tank tops that I liked. I don't generally wear tanks because my frame is strange. Also, one was a little too large for me and the other, while I loved the fabric, I would never wear it.

I kept thinking about the one tank top. I loved the fabric. I wanted to make a bag with it, but how?

To Pinterest! I have a board dedicated to bag ideas. I remembered I had a DIY Tank Top Tote Pinned, but it wasn't what I was looking for. I looked around a little more and found this tutorial from SaltTree. Now that I liked. I took the two tanks and whipped them up. Yesterday, I got to test them out and the cashier was very impressed with my bag!

Here's how I made my first one. This was a gray tank top. I pinned the bottom and tucked in the side seams:
I used pins which is amazing for me.

I'd probably skip doing this on the inside next time.

 After that, I sewed the bottom, turned it inside out and ta da! Instant (new favorite) bag:

The second bag, I just simply pinned and stitched across the bottom. The fabric is really stretchy and this is the one that got the compliment. I can't wait to use this one at the thrift store and any other store (not the grocery store. That's what the denim ones are for).

Enjoy! I know I'll be looking at old tanks I get rid of differently now.

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